Friday, 28 September 2012

Winter doesn't have to be cold!

Some people thing that as soon as the cold comes all the summer colours disappear but this post is to assure you otherwise. I found a great outfit in a Mango magazine and I thought that it would be perfect. This outfit is quite expensive but maybe you can use it as a motivation that summer colours can be worn in Autumn/Winter too! The trousers link is and the knit top is 

Deal at new look!

So my actual first FASHION post is about as the heading says, the deal at New Look! At the moment they are selling in the teens section, two printed tees for £10. I think this is a pretty good deal but tell me what you think! Also these t-shirts are a really big if. By this I mean you have to be the right kind of person to like them but it is worth checking out. I would love to hear feed back on your opinions! Here is the link

Introduction to "All you need to know fashion"

Hey, so this is my blog about fashion for all you fashion lovers. So on this blog I will be telling you guys about everything about fashion I can find out. From what people like to wear to youtube clips from the catwalk to my own personal style and much more. Please stick around to read more posts and if you want leave comments. Thanks!